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Neil has really helped me out. I’ve been doing carpet cleaning for about 3 years now and at first I was just using the chemicals I thought were good. But after speaking with Neil from Absolute Clean Janitorial’s and using his products they are brilliant. They clean really good and because Neil has done carpet cleaning himself when he first started he has given me lots of tips and advice. Much appreciated.


Cleaning Supplies, Jackson Carpet Cleaners

I have been doing cleaning for around 5 years now and although I was happy with the quality of chemicals and products from my previous supplier, his prices just kept rising. I did some research online and found Absolute Clean Janitorial’s. When I spoke with Neil for the first time I was amazed at how much knowledge he had and that he genuinely wanted to help. His prices were really affordable too for a top quality product. He even delivers what I need to me every few months. Highly recommend!


Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals, Poppys Contract Cleaning

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